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  • Is Side Hill tours an official operation
    Yes! We are a certified company operating out of an own office. Be carefull if you chose an operator that doesn't has a KDV number or works without official books. Whenever something happens you will not be insured.
  • Are we insured when we are on a trip organised by Side Hill tours
    Yes! Every tour, activity or organisation is fully insured. Please feel free to ask us our insurance policy for more info.
  • Does Side Hill tours organises privat trips
    Yes! We are happy to hear your requests and are sure we can workout a great day or even week out! Want to visit Istanbul? Go and see Pamukale? All is possible.
  • Do I need a Turkish drivers License to rent a car?
    No! You can rent a car with a European drivers license. There is no need for a Turkish one.
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