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Upgrade your vacation experiences by adding an adventurous and fascinating Antalya Quad Safari. This full-day excursion promises to offer you fun, excitement and adventure all-in-one! Get to know the surroundings of Antalya and discover the natural beauties of Taurus Mountains.  There’s nothing better than experiencing nature with an overdose of adrenaline during holidays!


Antalya Quad Safari Tour begins once you are picked up from your hotel. Our team will drive you towards the starting point of Quad Biking, which is not far away. It is located in a distance around 30 minutes from the city. There, you will participate in a briefing given by the instructors. If this is your first Quad Biking experience or in case you do not possess a driving license, there is absolutely no reason to worry about. The professional instructors will provide a detailed tutorial about safety equipment and procedures, as well as important driving tips.

In total, you will be able to enjoy more than 1hour and 30 minutes on the Quad Biking machine. During your route you will have the opportunity to observe the amazing scenery that the skirts of Taurus Mountains form. The dusty trails are passing through moving mud, a pine forest and valleys.

Quad Safari from Antalya

During your adventurous ride, there will be some breaks in between. Breaks will be an awesome chance for you to take beautiful photos. Depending on the route, you might be able to swim as well. In is important to mention that routes are changing every time. Once you reach the ending point of the route, another small break will take place to get some rest. Then, Quad Biking continues back to where you stared.

This 24Km route will have a positive impact on you for sure! While riding your quad bike, you will be able to experience and observe the Turkish countryside, which is completely different than what you experienced in the seaside. Get filled with emotions, impressions, pictures and boost yourself with adrenaline by Antalya Quad Safari Tour. For sure your bike will be wet and dusty by the end of the route, so make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes and shoes.

Once your return route reaches its ending point, you will have the opportunity to view and purchase at an extra cost official photos and videos of your adventurous outdoor activity. These photos will serve as amazing souvenirs of your experience. Then, our team members will transfer you back to your hotel.



  • You’ll get amazing views and ride on mountain paths, all under the guidance of an instructor with training and equipment included

  • Choose multiple departure time to best suit your schedule, and enjoy hotel pickup and drop-off

  • Escape the crowds in Antalya and explore the pine scented forests of the mountains near by

  • You’ll immerse yourself in nature, will enjoy and intrepid way to explore


Hotel Pick-up

Antalya Hotels – 08:00 / 10:00 / 15:00


What's Included

  • Free Hotel Transfer Service

  • Training Service

  • Full Insurance


What's Excluded

  • Personal Spendings

  • DVD And Photos

  • Lunch & Drinks

Antalya Quad Safari

    • Every day of the week
    • 3 times a day 8h / 10h / 15h
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